Protests outside Israeli Embassy in Delhi over airstrikes in Gaza Strip


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Indian Muslims condemns Israeli aggression; Popular Front stages protest demo in front Israeli embassy in Delhi

New Delhi: Indian Muslims’ prominent organization Jamaat Islami Hind has condemned Israeli aggression on the hapless Palestinians in Gaza strip while hundreds of Popular Front of India volunteers have marched towards Israel embassy here on Saturday to protest against the brutal Israeli strikes.

Demanding immediate halt of Israeli aggression, protestors said it shows how barbaric Israel is and how much it is hostile to Islam.  Describing it terrorism, they said Israel even not spared mosque and hospitals. Jamaat Chief Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari said that Israel has killed more than 100 people including children and women in the last few days after it began showering bombs in Gaza area. He also condemned Islamic countries for their criminal silence over the Israeli aggression.

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Popular Front said once again Israeli warplanes are showering Bombs and Missiles on Gaza, the densely populated Palestinian Territory which has been under the constant attack and siege of Israel for past several decades. People of Gaza have been struggling to survive the worst kind economic siege which has almost sent the territory back to middle ages. Now with this new attack, situation in Gaza has become unthinkable. Innocent women and children are daily targets of Israeli warplanes like the earlier attack but the international community and UN has become silent spectator to Israel’s crimes against humanity.

Popular Front Delhi State President Ansar Ul Haq said the Zionist Israeli regime is still justifying its savagery as it has earlier done. “Israel says this is in response to the murder of three Israeli boys who had gone missing almost a month back, even though the reason behind the incident still remains unclear.  Immediately after their bodies were found, Israeli occupiers started attacking innocent people of Palestine, a prominent party leader in Israel openly called for killing of  Palestinian children a Palestinian teenager who had nothing to do with all these was burned alive,” he added.

Expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine and their epic resistance to occupation, Popular Front has called upon Indian government to condemn Israeli attacks and put pressure on UN to take immediate steps to stop Israeli aggression. Jamaat Islami Hind also urged the UN to take immediate action against Israel and assured the people of Palestine that they are not alone in their struggle against Zionist entity.